Be There

27th February- 2nd March 2018

“Be There” was an exhibition I set up myself in Dublin.

For this exhibit I painted directly onto the walls.  The concept was that the audience would feel as though they are being absorbed into “the comic book”; feeling they are part of a comic.  I removed all traditional “borders” that are associated with comics to give a sense of timelessness to the installation but also so that the stroy written upon the walls could be interpreted by the reader in whatever way they choose.  There were no formalities.  It could be read left to right, right to left.  The audience could start on one wall and jump to the wall on the opposite side of the room.


Before starting I gathered my reference materials and began composing the works.

I wanted there to be a contiuous flow throughout the installation.  The red thread is what I used to give the eyes a continuous sense of flow that they could follow.

The Red is my works motif.  It gives each piece an individual focus and gives the audience something to think about in each image:

What is the red doing here?”